Welcome to CEB

Specialists in the manufacture & repair of earth moving equipment, Welding, fabrication,
Line Boring, Structural steel work and more.

Earth Moving Attachments

Designed & Manufactured

At CEB, we proudly call Stockton-on-Tees home, and we’re dedicated to redefining excellence in the construction, mining, and quarrying industries throughout the North of England. Our mission is straightforward: to revolutionize excavator buckets and attachments, pushing the boundaries of performance and endurance.

re-Designed from the ground up

Our journey starts with our team of highly skilled designers who utilize cutting-edge software to craft blueprints for groundbreaking attachments and buckets. These designs are the foundation of our unwavering commitment to excellence.

precision, expert fabrication

From concept to reality, our talented fabricators bring these designs to life. They sculpt top-tier products meticulously tailored to your exact needs. Every weld, every cut, and every detail is a testament to our dedication to performance and safety.

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a skilled workforce carrying out

repairs & maintenance

Located at the heart of Teesside, our workshop is where transformations occur. We specialize in a comprehensive range of equipment repairs, from welding to complete overhauls. Our skilled workforce is here to restore your equipment to its former glory.

steel fabrication experts

turning concepts into reality

At CEB, we don’t just stop at our own ideas; we’re here to make your visions come true. Our workshop is stocked with top-notch equipment, and our skilled craftsmen are eager to turn your concepts into the real deal. Whether it’s crafting custom fabrications or tweaking designs, we’re at your service, ready to bring your dreams to life.

Never be without your machinery

ground engaging tool exchange

In specific cases, we can offer a replacement attachment while we undertake necessary repairs. Should such a service be required, please inform our team, and we will go the extra mile to minimize disruptions.

PArtner with CEB

By partnering with us, you’re not just acquiring buckets and attachments; you’re gaining a dedicated team fully vested in the success of your projects. Welcome to CEB where innovation, expertise, and craftsmanship unite to propel your industry forward.

Discover how CEB can elevate your operations. Reach out to us to discuss your needs, and together, let’s embark on a journey characterized by innovation and excellence.